It's All About Me

O'Donnelly Family Portrait Photo

I've been involved in the film advertising industry in Hollywood, California for over 30 years, creating movie trailers, graphics, concepts, as well as experience in many other entertainment disciplines.  I approach my work from a creative problem-solving perspective in order to give my clients the most value for their available budget and their audience the most compelling experience possible from my work.

I currently live just outside of Malibu California in the middle of the Santa Monica Mountains.  It's like living in a different country just minutes away from Los Angeles, with its mountains, wildlife, and real, actual dark at night where the Milky Way is often visible.  It's a great place to get away from the city and spend time with my family.

More About Me...

MAX-Q Logo

In 2000, My business partner & I founded the creative motion picture advertising agency, MAX-Q.  We served major motion picture studios in Hollywood by creating highly successful trailers, TV spots and other creative content for some of these studios' biggest film releases.  Soon after going into business, we saw that the independent film market was being underserved or ignored by mainstream trailer agencies, so we sought out independent filmmakers and distribution studios to create top-quality advertising and marketing content for these wonderful and great films.  MAX-Q was successful, both financially and creatively, until we were aquired by an investor in 2008 - who, sadly, did not understand the creative trailer industry and closed down that portion of the business in 2010.

Yet Even More About Me...

Saturn animation created for  Anti-News

Saturn animation created for Anti-News

My name appears on the planet Mars in four different locations, and all over the solar system.  Am I crazy?  No!

My name is included on a microchip created by The Planetary Society along with 100,000 to 650,000 other Planetary Society member's names onboard the following NASA space probes; the Mars Pathfinder Lander (christened the Sagan Memorial Station after landing), the Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity and the Mars Polar Lander (which crash landed near Mars' north pole and lies presumably on the surface in shards). My name has also been included on the Mars Curiosity Rover currently driving around Gusev Crater and shooting at rocks with it's Death Ray.  There are also microchips traveling to Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, Saturn, asteroid Itokawa, comet Wild 2, comet Tempel 1, asteroids Ceres and Vesta, Pluto and out of the solar system...  Hey, I'm going places!