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Kazuo Ishiguro Awarded 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature

Kazuo Ishiguro

Kazuo Ishiguro

Carey Mulligan as "Kathy" in "Never Let Me Go"  (click image to play trailer)

Carey Mulligan as "Kathy" in "Never Let Me Go"

(click image to play trailer)

Kazuo Ishiguro, the author of "The Remains of the Day" and "Never Let Me Go" was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature today.

I was privileged to have produced the Theatrical Trailer for the Mark Romanek’s film version of "Never Let Me Go" for Fox Searchlight at MAX-Q with Gene Gamache. Gene's sensitive and emotional trailer cut masterfully tells the deeply emotional story of a dystopian future where young adults are raised, groomed and "harvested" for the sole use of this society’s callous and humanistically disconnected privileged class.

Roger Ebert gave this film four out of four stars and wrote, “…a meditative, delicate film… a good movie, from a masterful novel”. This is a touching and deeply disturbing film that I would challenge anyone to watch and not shed at least one tear.

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"Lucky's Clinic" Promo Trailer

Click image to play (Password Required)

After creating a Sales Poster for Ashley Park and Tim McGrath, they asked me to create this promo trailer for their independently-produced TV Pilot "Lucky's Clinic". They needed a quick, funny sales tool for marketing their project, and they were delighted with the result. In addition to producing the spot, I created the graphics, edited the piece itself, wrote the copy and voiced the narration.

NOTE: Please contact me if you would like to privately view the trailer since the client has requested that it not be released to the public at this time.

"Lucky's Clinic" Sales Poster

I designed this Sales Poster and main title design for the show for Ashley Park Productions for producer Ashley Park and Producer/Director Tim McGrath. The pilot episode is a "The Office" style sitcom concerning a oncologist (Justin Martindale) and his clinic director Lucky (Tim McGrath) that claim to have found the cure for cancer. This off-the-wall ensemble piece also includes the talents of Producer Ashley Park (Hawaii 5-0, Last Life, Miss Asia 2015) playing a just-recovered meth addict, Charlene Amoia (NCIS: New Orleans, Bones, Sleepy Hollow) as Roz, Lucky's on-again, on-again ex-girlfriend, and Tracey Birdsall (Loving, Hearts Are Wild) as Lucky's Mom, his boss. The project is currently hitting the film festival and sales circuit.

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Never Let Me Go - Domestic Trailer

"Never Let Me Go" is the film version of Kazuo Ishiguro's novel which TIME magazine named as "One of the best novels of the decade".  This is the Domestic Trailer I produced for Fox Searchlight.  I wrote the copy (which Fox Searchlight used in the poster campaign as well) and designed the graphics and main title seen in the trailer.  The film has been well praised for its cast, directing, and deeply felt performances.  An extremely compelling film about young lives cut short in a not-too-distant dystopian future.

Moomins and the Comet Chase - Theatrical Trailer

A sweet, yet offbeat animated film from Finland originally made in the 70's and restored in 2010 as a stereoscopic 3D film and released theatrically in Finland.  I produced the trailer, created the  Stereoscopic 3D graphics (this is the 2D version), and wrote the copy. Max von Sydow narrates the feature.

"The Boys" Theatrical Trailer

MAX-Q's (my former company) trailer for a great feature documentary "The Boys" about the famous songwriting team, the Sherman brothers.  The title comes from the fact that Walt Disney called the Shermans "The Boys".  The documentary was distributed by Walt Disney Pictures and produced by the the sons on the Sherman brothers, Greg and Jeff Sherman, whom it was a pleasure to work with on the trailer.  Gene Gamache and I produced the trailer.  I designed and finished the titles in both 2D and Stereoscopic 3D.  In 3D, the "magical lights", appeared both in front and behind the titles, and looked great in 3D space!

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Gary The Tennis Coach - Sales Trailer

This is a Sales Trailer that Gene Gamache & I produced at MAX-Q for Greenestreet Films to demonstrate to distributors how this very funny, but offbeat and gross film could be marketed to a more general audience. We took a couple of liberties in this cut with the knowledge that we could take out some of the more tasteless material if the trailer was finished for theatrical distribution. I'm pretty happy with how it came out and I think Gene was too.